Initializer 2.3.0 Released

Hi friends of controlled and versioned metadata initialization, and of OpenMRS configs :slight_smile:

:tada: I am happy to announce that Iniz 2.3.0 is released! :tada:

A big thanks to the direct committers for this release @bistenes @grace @ibacher @mksrom @mseaton @reagan @ruhanga @suruchi

A very very special thanks to the PIH team, the larger chunk of this release is on them - amazing work and a clear case of co-contribution in action! :muscle:

Initializer 2.3.0 Release Notes

  • Added configuration options for logging.
  • Added support for OpenMRS 2.4.0+
  • Added support for a ‘liquibase’ domain to support loading custom changesets.
  • ‘ocl’ domain to support loading concepts, concept sets and answers from OCL export files in configuration/ocl.
  • (Enhancement) Concept name UUIDs are seeded from 1) the concept UUID and 2) the concept name information, see here. This version runs a Liquibase changeset that forces a reload of the concept domain in order to update concept names accordingly.
  • Backward-compatible overhaul of the concepts domain that provides full flexibility for managing concept names.
  • Bulk loading of metadata entities i18n display messages specified under display:xy headers.
  • (For devs.) Introduced a pre-loading mechanism to BaseFileLoader that allows checksums-independent loading of transient information out of the config files before the actual metadata are loaded. Each loader controls whether its pre-loader throws on error or is allowed to fail. By default pre-loaders are allowed to fail.
  • Added support for setting the version property in the ‘concepts’ domain.
  • Bulk creation and editing of concept set members and concept answers using CSV files in configuration/conceptsets.
  • Added support enabling any Initializer runtime property value to also be specified from a system property.
  • Bulk creation and editing of AMPATH forms provided as JSON schema definitions in configuration/ampathforms.
  • Enhancement to Initializer’s custom message source to support improved handling of fallback locales and overrides between messages properties file from core, modules, and Initializer ‘messageproperties’ domain files.
  • Added support for remote sources and identifier pools to the ‘idgen’ domain.
  • Enhancement to ensure predictable loading order of files within a domain if no explicit order is specified, based on alphabetical ordering of filenames.
  • Enhancement to the ‘messageproperties’ domain to enable specifying the order in which two files in the same locale should be loaded.