initial installation of openMRS

Application Name: OpenMRS Core 2.5.0 Version Number: 2.5.0

Question: When i am attempting to install the OpenMRS platform i get an error which reads “There was an error while updating the database to the latest. file: liquibase-demo-data.xml. Error: liquibase.exception.MigrationFailedException: Migration failed for change set liquibase-schema-only.xml::1226412230538-11::ben (generated): Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Duplicate entry ‘concepts.locked’ for key ‘global_property.PRIMARY’ [Failed SQL: (1062) INSERT INTO openmrs.global_property (property, property_value, description, uuid) VALUES (‘concepts.locked’, ‘false’, ‘true/false whether or not concepts can be edited in this database.’, ‘3fe9da19-b7da-47ac-a4eb-b0b4dc2c4f97’)] See the error log for more details”. How do I solve it?

provide step-by-step instructions for others to reproduce the problem,

I am installing the platform using the WAR file by adding it to the webapps folder of tomcat and when i run /openmrs i am brought to the installation wizard. When asked which type of installation i want, i chose the advanced option as the simple option was not working. when asked “Do you currently have an OpenMRS database installed that you would like to connect to?” I chose yes and offer “openmrs” as the database name. I already created this database in mySQL.

step 2. Do you need OpenMRS to automatically create the tables for your current database openmrs? YES. Do you want to also add demo data to your database - openmrs? (This option only available if creating new tables.) YES Do you currently have a database user other than root that has read/write access to the openmrs database? YES and i layout the username and password of the said user who i created on MySQL. Do you want to be able to upload modules from the web interface? Disclaimer: This could be a security risk if a user with upload permissions is ever compromised. (The alternative is to drop .omod module files into your application data directory and restart OpenMRS) YES Do you want updates to the database to be automatically applied on startup when a new web application is deployed? YES Currently the default administrator user/pass is admin:test . Please specify a new password for that user. then i speify the new admin password.

When running the database setup wizard, do not select the option to add demo data.