Information on how to make a PHR in OpenMRS for resource limited settings


My name is Ritah and I am currently a Fulbright research fellow at UAB school of medicine in USA. I don’t have any prior experience with OpenMRS but I am undertaking a project that requires me to use OpenMRS as the choice of EHR platform. I wish to get in touch with anyone who could guide me on how to incorporated an electronic Patient Health Record (PHR) into the OpenMRS. I’d love to connect with anyone with such expertise. Thank you!

Ritah, I’d like to know more about your project. If you need help with the concept dictionary, check out CIEL and the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager application to set up your dictionary.

Andrew, thank you for the kind response. I must say that I don’t have any user background, knowledge or experience with electronic health systems including Open MRS. So, I am more than happy to look up any information that will make my project a success.

Now my project seeks to develop a patient portal under openMRS to be piloted and then used in a developing country in Africa. I recognize that most people in Africa at least have mobile phones and somehow have access to internet. Therefore, they are likely to be able to access their health record if there is a platform in place for them to do so.

I will definitely need help with the concept dictionary - for me to come up with usable terminologies when developing the customized PHR - I guess. I have checked on the recommended dictionary manager and I see you are the manager of the CIEL. I have looked up some research papers that talk about using FHIR-HL7 in setting up PHR in electronic health record systems. I wished to follow this path when using openMRS.

This week, I will install openMRS on my desktop but moving on from there, I have no clue whatsoever. I will be happy to have you as one of my mentors on this project.

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