Increase bamboo agent storage

Are we in position to increase bamboo agent storage from 20 GBs to 40 GBs? We are starting to see build failures due to out of disk space. It’s because we are building more Docker images including for the ARM architecture. Let me know and I can handle the change.

@burke, @cintiadr, @ibacher

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Yeah, should be fine I reckon. I have all the new servers and here’s where we are:

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 6.17.02 pm

We need to leave space for whatever else I might need to grow, as I was a bit conservative…

That said, changing size for a volume will make the volume be recreated empty (docs). It’s pretty annoying, but that’s how it is.

If that’s ok, all you need to do it:

  • disable the bamboo agent in bamboo, ofc, so it doesn’t run any builds
  • in terraform, change the file to temporary allow destroying the data volume
  • change the size volume for that instance in the variables file
  • terraform plan/apply should destroy the volume, create a new one, and attach it to the VM
  • fix your data volume to have the folders you want (I assume rerunning puppet or smth), and renable the agent
  • update our VM terraform docs via ./build.rb docs && ./build.rb plan docs && ./build.rb apply docs to ensure Terraform'd VMs - OpenMRS community infrastructure is updated.

Great. We can always downsize and clear up cache more often, but since we have space I will go ahead and increase. Thank you @cintiadr!

Between the m2 cache, the Docker cache and the NPM cache, I suspect we’ll always need more storage on the build agents than most of our other servers…