Including editable past observation in xform

Hi everyone? I am using openmrs 2.2.1 and xform 4.3.14 module. My openmrs users want to include patient past text observation but which they can edit. I have read on how to include past observations on the form XForms Module User Guide - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki . But I was wondering if there is a way to include editable past text observation on the xform?

Hi everyone? Does anybody have an idea of how to include past observation which can be edited and submitted on xforms?

Past observations are read only. If you want to edit them, you need to go back to the form which was used to enter them.

Thanks I have noticed that but is there a way to create an interactive past observation whereby users can add text and submit it on the present form e.g adding patient illness/treatment history?

What is the exact use case?

So because the patient might be seen by different clinician when they attend and also to remember the patient’s history. The clinicians wants to be able to view the patient’s history on the xform and be able to add some notes if necessary. Currently they can view the most recent history on the patient dashboard. But when they want to add notes on the recent encounter they have to go to the dashboard and copy the old history paste it on the xform then add notes. This is because they want to keep the history and on the dashboard it shows the most recent history. They just don’t want the back and forth process.

The notes that they are adding are not edits of the past history. They are simply new observations based on the patient history and current state. So just enter them as new obs like the rest of the new obs on the form.

They are adding new observation but the challenge is that they also want the old history of the patient to be easily seen and as you know on the patient dashboard it will show the most recent observation. The just do not want the process of copying the old history from the patient dashboard, pasting it on the form and adding new observation.

Any form that adds new observations can at the same time display the patient past history.

So I have tried to add new observation and also display the previous observation on the same form. The form does add new observation but it does not display the previous observation. Maybe there is some settings I am missing.

  1. I have a add the same concept twice on the schema design(one has field type as “Database element” and another one has field type “Concept”)
  2. Then I have put two text field on the form design