Include Cohort Builder OWA in OpenMRS Bintray Account

I need help adding the Cohort Builder OWA to the OpenMRS Bintray account. This is for the version 1.0.0 release.

Link to the zip file:

@raff :slightly_smiling_face:

It cannot be added twice.

It was created under OpenMRS account at some time ago.

Do you want to release a new version of that?

Yes @raff . The initial was a beta release

Bruce, Rafal,

Ideally releasing the zip file to bintray would happened via a script run by the CI server.

What CI are we using to build the cohort Builder now?

@darius we are using Travis CI. I generated the zip file after a deployment to my fork’s master. The bintray account details I was using for the deployment were to my bintray account

I’ve added your user to OpenMRS Bintray so you can release cohortbuilder with your account. Please accept the invitation you should have received via e-mail.

I also fixed the config to release from a tag instead of master at and added release instructions at

The 1.0.0-beta was released to Bintray as 1.0.0, which I fixed to be 1.0.0-beta. Please release 1.0.0 following the instructions after you approved invitation.

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Hello @raff, Could you please add me too as a user on openMRS Bintray for the release of Add-on Manager.

@raff thanks for the help.

I am however unable to create a release on the cohort-builder repo.

The tags I create locally can’t be pushed upstream. So my fork shows the version 1.0.0 release but the upstream does not get those tags after a PR is merged

I see. You have to be at least /dev/3 to do a release. Please contact @dkayiwa to know how you can be upgraded :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I’ve released it for you.

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@elbertbiggs360 ever seen this?

Hello @raff, the travis build gives 401 unauthorized while trying to upload the zipped OWA to Bintray’s openMRS account. I guess this is because am not a member of the account. Can I please be added so as to enable the upload. My account is

@dkayiwa yes I have seen it before. I shall review it again

Thanks @raff and @dkayiwa

Could you please explain what are you trying to release and from where? The cohortbuilder must be released from and not your fork.

Am trying to release Add-On Manager. You already added it to the openMRS Bintray account. But I suppose I need to be a member for the zipped file to be uploaded after the travis build.

@patrick, since it’s under it needs to be released from there. I’ve configured credentials and added instructions at

Let me know, if you have privileges to release from there or if not what version should be released and I can trigger it.

I don’t have the privileges to release. But am trying to releases 1.0.0-beta. Though after your commits, the travis build says Skipping a deployment with the Bintray provider because this is not a tagged commit Thanks for the help @raff

The release is done from tags and not from master, thus the message. If you configure it to be done from master, it will release a new version with each commit, which we do not want.

The release is out.

Thank @raff you were very helpful.

Hello @raff we have made some changes and we wish to release version 1.0.0-beta-2 of Add On Manager. Link to repo

@patrick i already did that.