Inability to link user to a provider account

I just tested linking an already created user to a provider account but I got a 'Failed to save` error

Error can be reproduced here

What is the best way to link a user account to a provider

For convenince, I normally go here, tick the provider checkbox in the Provider Account group and later assign the roles. The identifier is assigned automatically for me, but that can be edited if needed.

I tried this but somehow am still not able to do the assignment

are you using the Legacy UI to assign the role? @johnbosco

@johnbosco are you creating a new user account as a provider or you intend to add/assign a provider role to an already existing user?

@ggomez I intend to assign a provider to an existing user

@johnbosco I will advise you use the legacy UI for the process. Go to Administration - Manage Users - Add User - Create a new person (for a new account click on Create a Provider account for this user). For existing user, edit the account info and define Provider role then Save User.

Hope this helps.