In registration screen, a concept set looks like it is outside of its parent section

Hi Bahmni Team,

I am adding a Vital Signs section in the Registration second screen, using the extension point in registration/extension.json. The Vital Signs Set structure is as below:

- Vital Signs Set
	- Pulse
	- Blood Pressure Set
		- Systolic BP
		- Diastolic BP
	- Temperature
	- Respiratory Rate
	- Oxygen Saturation
	- Capillary Refill Time

This is what it look like:

And when the Blood Pressure Set is collapsed:

The Blood Pressure Set really looks like it is “outside” the Vital Signs section. Could we make it smaller and more discreet? something similar to what’s on the Observation forms… or even more discreet.



@mksrom, just to check, you’re saying that if you include a nested concept set in the registration form, it looks bad/misleading, but if you include the exact same concept set in an obs form it looks better, right?

(Do you have a spare few minutes to inspect the CSS classes applied in both cases, and see if maybe this is just a quick fix?)

Yes, correct. Just that it is in the registration second screen, the one the user is redirected to upon starting a new visit, right after registering a patient. I haven’t tried on the registration screen itself.

About the CSS classes, I haven’t found a way, using a combination of CSS selectors, to isolate only the elements that require the changes.

The 2 elements of which the style should be changed are:


But other similar HTML elements in the page share the same CSS classes, so changing the style of one does impact the others.

Did you ever solve this formatting issue for vitals at registration time?

I’m also capturing vitals at reg and don’t like the way it formatted.