In patient medicine and vitals check administration records log

Hi everyone, I am looking for a way in Bahmni for capturing patient medicine administration logs and other periodic vitals records during an in patient visit.

ie, during the time a patient is admitted, to keep a log of all the periodic vitals and medicine administration logs. How is this possible to achieve in Bahmni?

Hi @atulkuruvilla,

You will need to use Forms in the Clinical Module to capture this patient data. You can read more info on this here.

But during the patient is admit - it’s not possible to close a consultation visit. So hence how is it possible to add periodic records of vitals? Each form is active once per visit. You cannot record multiple data of the same form per single visit. Appreciate if you know any solution how to achieve this. Thanks!

During the same encounter “session”, you do not get a “new” form as such. This is done intentionally - so that within an encounter session, the providers have the ability of modifying the same data, so that this is not considered as a new entry/encounter.

You can achieve your feature

  • a different provider will get a new form (respecting the logic of encounter session per provider)
  • make the encounter session smaller. for that modify the global property ( bahmni.encountersession.duration) - menu / admin / settings / bahmni => Encountersession Duration - enter time in minutes.

Bahmni forms are not of different types as of yet - like intake form, progressive intake form etc. If the same provider wants to capture fresh data using the same form within the same “Session”, then we would rather achieve this by building characteristics of “intake form”.