In need of volunteers to help test RefApp 2.8.0

Hi community,
The following issues need testing so as to be reflected in RefApp 2.8.0 that is yet to be released. These are the links I kindly request for volunteers to help me test them.


Friends am just wondering if you have seen that: :point_up_2::point_up_2: Do you mind including this issue in your today’s activity?

cc @mogoodrich,@surangak,@Justin, @teleivo,@bwolfe ,@tmdugan ,@nyoman, @sunbiz,@Rowan seymour, @burke , @wyclif ,@darius, @dkayiwa, @alexis.duque, @mvorobey, @mseaton ,@k.joseph ,

@jwnasambu I have moved this topic to the #community category, and given it a more descriptive title. (Previously the post was not in any category, which makes it less likely that people will see it.)

Also, are there any instructions about how to do the testing? What server should people be testing on? Where would we report any bugs? What do we do if the ticket passes our tests?

@jwnasambu I think following this ticket was checked by @irenyak1. Just need to change the status,

ok thanks i have no privileges to change the status let me request for it

The uat-refapp.openmrs is not ready am still solving the merging conflicts in the pom. The above issues have been worked on and are still in the testing state. I call upon members to help test to confirm they meet the requirements.

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