Improving the documentation of installation of openmrs by implementers on windows,ubuntu,centos .....

As we continue improving our documentation,different members of the community who can help in testing the installation of openmrs on different operating systems some of which are mentioned above are highly welcome.You can put your comment on this thread with an operating system you can test on.thanks cc @georgejr @odorajonathan @jwnasambu @mozzy @gcliff @tendomart @c.antwi @jennifer

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@herbert24 which stlyle of installation ?

elaborate more on what you mean by style!!

How far with testing? you committed yourself to appoint people to help do it during the weekend. If you didn’t, kindly save us from repeating the same agenda on Tuesday.

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when you look at this thread,its calling on different people to join up the testing,kindly choose an operating system as mentioned above if you are interested to join up.I cant appoint people apart from calling them to volunteer as mentioned above.thanks