Improving TAC calls in 2023: time and structure changes!

Dear Community, Happy New Year! 2023 looks exciting - we’re beginning a new year with this dynamo dedicated determined team. It will be fun to achieve new things together this year! :tada:

Some improvements to our Technical Action Committee (TAC) this year:

:clock1: New TAC time: Thursdays at 2pm UTC (3pm CET / 5pm EAT / 7:30pm IST / 9am EST / 6am PST)

In 2022 the TAC call was not at a very EAT/CET/IST-friendly time. We’re changing that :slight_smile: We’ll still meet on Zoom at Launch Meeting - Zoom. I’ve updated the OMRS calendar: GCal link here.

We’ll meet next on January 19 - see you there!

:muscle: Upgraded TAC Structure

In 2023 we will be improving who, how, and what happens on TAC calls. In 2022, we noticed a few challenges in our TAC: attendees were often not aware of ongoing core work across the community, topics were few, complex deep-dive technical discussions were often missing key people, and we often didn’t have the right people to take action on tricky issues.

I am so thankful that we have folks like @dkayiwa, @ibacher, @dennis, @raff and @jayasanka (thanks to OpenMRS Inc), as well as @vasharma05 (thanks to @MekomSolutions), and our Fellows like @suruchi, @jnsereko, and @hadijah315, who together are helping to support coordinated work on some of the tricky stuff that implementations don’t normally like to tackle/contribute. I call this our “Global Product Support Team”. Key word is Support - because of course we cannot tackle everything!! So we continue to depend on organizations and individuals contributing to our community and software project. But we hope the technical support for contributors will feel even better in 2023. If you have any thoughts or questions about this, please LMK :slight_smile:

Starting new week, asap in 2023, the “TAC” calls will always include all these folks sharing their work and hearing community-members’ current issues, so that:

  • (1) the whole community can publicly participate and hear what this “Global Product Support Team” is doing as a team (note, all cmty members are welcome to share), and;
  • (2) so we can continue to build stronger relationships between our community members who have been slightly divided by their skill sets (eg frontend, backend, and qa). E.g. at the end of 2022 it amazed me to realize that most TAC members were not aware of what we are doing together as a team. So let’s change that :slight_smile:

Our standing Agenda will be something like:

  1. The Global Product Support Team members and any community members share w/ others what they are working on (30 second standup-style);
  2. Raise any blockers;
  3. Deep-dive topics (eg our first big topic of 2023 will likely be the release pipeline & packaging improvement work @raff has been doing).

Here’s to a bright product year ahead!


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