Improving OpenMRS 2 release notes

@maurya, there’s a small issue with pointers to documentation, which should be quick to fix:

At the Release Notes page ( the link to “Implementer Documentation” goes to this page which is actually the documentation for OpenMRS 2.1 instead of the new documentation for OpenMRS 2.2.

The idea we had in mind was that the 2.2 docs page would become the new main page, and the 2.1 page would stick around for archival purposes.

My suggestion is to move them to this hierarchy (but maybe someone else can suggest something better):

If we do it this way, we should also:

  1. the other pages that are children of the Reference Application page (to be renamed OpenMRS 2.1) should be moved to be children of OpenMRS 2.x Implementer Documentation.
  2. On the Reference Application page (to be renamed OpenMRS 2.1) add something like {info}This documentation refers to an older version of the OpenMRS reference application. You can find the latest at [link to OpenMRS 2.x Implementer Documenation]{info}
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Thanks for the suggestions, they make sense. I went ahead and made the changes :smile: