Improved navigation in Resources Wiki


As the Wiki has grown over the years, it seems to have become slightly cumbersome and non-intuitive to navigate. For instance, our Resources space is organized as:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Releases
  • Downloads
  • OpenMRS License
  • Mailing Lists
  • Events
  • Training
  • Mentorship & Outreach Programs
  • OpenMRS Roles
  • Policies
  • Fundraising
  • Form Bank
  • Meeting notes
  • Development Work Flows
  • How-to articles
  • People and Interests
  • Help Desk
  • Case Studies
  • Town Hall Events
  • Documentation Map
  • OpenMRS Technology Radar
  • Diversity
  • Knowledge Center
  • smart app

Then there are all the child pages below each one. I think we should try and reduce the amount of parent pages down to a more reasonable amount, like 10.

A few people have expressed interest in helping with our documentation lately and I’m thinking we could try and tackle this project!

What do you all think? Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve navigation in Resources Wiki?


Perhaps a lighter weight way to take a first stab at this would be to try improving the Resources home page before moving all the pages around – i.e., you can experiment with ways of organizing the content on that page and, perhaps, the natural categories will fall out after a few passes (rather than moving all the pages and then deciding that you’d like to try a different organization and having to move all of them again).

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That’s a better idea, thanks!

Do we have the ability to gather user flow analytics from Confluence? I’d be interested to see the most ‘clicked’ parent and child pages and start there.

I do agree with @jeffneiman and thanks for that observation.:thumbsup:

We have Google Analytics. Here’s the top 50 pages (#hits + title) in Resources space for the past month:

585: Summer Of Code 2017
 91: Demo Data
 53: Release Notes
 49: OpenMRS Developer Stages
 29: Summer of Code
 28: Downloads
 22: Developers Forum
 21: OpenMRS Hackathon Germany
 20: Home
 16: Releases
 15: Google Code-in 2016
 15: Release Notes 2.5
 14: Getting started with OpenMRS
 14: Platform Release Notes 2.0.3
 14: Platform Release Notes
 13: Daily Scrum Meeting
 12: Frequently Asked Questions
 12: Reference Application 2.5 Release Issue Tracking
 12: Reference Application 2.6 Release Issue Tracking
 11: 2017-03-30 Developers Forum
 11: Platform Release Notes 1.12.0
 11: Platform Release Notes 2.0.1
 11: Summer Of Code 2016
 10: EHSDI Training Course
 10: OpenMRS Inc. Travel Grant Program
 10: Training
  9: Platform Release Notes 2.0.0
  8: Design Forum
  8: OpenMRS Technology Radar
  8: Release Notes 2.0
  7: Form Bank
  7: Fundraising
  7: Leadership Group Conference Call
  7: OpenMRS University
  7: Platform Release Notes 1.11.5
  7: Platform Release Notes 1.11.6
  6: 2016 Implementers' Conference
  6: Community Development Swim Lane
  6: Mailing Lists
  6: OpenMRS Appliance
  6: Patient Summary
  6: Project Management Meeting
  5: 2017 Leadership Meetings
  5: Case Studies
  5: Explanation of Downloads
  5: OpenMRS ID
  5: OpenMRS Platform Releases
  5: OpenMRS Reference Application Releases
  5: Platform Release Notes 2.0.2
  5: Prereleases
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good idea!

I like how is arranged with basic topics separated into colorful boxes.

Looking at the top 50 pages extracting topics like

  • Getting Started (Getting started guide, openmrs id, swim lane, university …)
  • Summer Of Code
  • Releases (Prereleases, Releases, release notes, downloads, …)
  • Meetings
  • Transparency (Funding, Financial reports we discussed in another thread)

might make sense.

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Take a look at what I got started on today… Thoughts?

@jeffneiman I think this is a huge improvement, so take my further comments in that spirit:

  1. Just including existing text on this page as you’ve done lacks context, and can be misleading. E.g. the first box is titled “getting started” but then it only tells you about how to get started as a developer. What if you’re not a developer but you want to get started?

  2. This causes us to duplicate some info on this page, that is likely to become stale or get out of sync. (E.g. Demo Data says it won’t work on Refapp, which is true today, but I hope we update the linked page to say how to get demo data for the refapp. The GSOC section will become much less relevant in 3-4 months from now. Some weekly meeting times changes twice a year, and now this is one more place to update.)

  3. There’s a boilerplate paragraph mentioning “some of our favourite macros” that should disappear.

I agree with what I think you said on a call today, about actually approaching this from the perspective of “who might come to this page? what does each type of person want to see?”

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