Improve Diagnosis icon

Hi all,

I’m trying to fix this ticket:

Could someone please guide me to access the clinician-facing patient dashboard?


Login to any server, you can use or Register a patient , include all patient information as indicated, then you will be redirected to clinician facing patient dashboard.

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Thank you very much @sharif!

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My UI is different than in the QA-refapp. Could you please tell me how to enable the new UI?


My server:

That means you’ve redirected to legacy ui, legacy ui is the old model of ui of which we are trying to shift from. From that, click home button , share the screen shot of home page and we see try using this

After downloading the webapp from the downloads page, it looks like this now.

Previously it looked like this. When building from the openmrs-core/master

What are you trying to do now. that home page seems to a legacyui home page. did you came across this

. Am not sure what you are to do apparently

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Have you loaded the reference application?

Reference application has the new UI and if you load it with the supported sub modules you should get the new UI!


@jayasanka hei you are loading the platform,kindly use the reference application and you can do that easly by installingthe openmrs sdk as seen here

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Hi! I was abled to create the server with the new UI using OpemMRS SDK!

Thanks @herbert24 @sharif @akshika47 for your support! :innocent:

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Hi all,

I’ve just replaced the icon and regenerated the fonts.

This is the PR :

I compiled the module using openMRS SDK and ran the server but the icon didn’t change. mvn clean install openmrs-sdk:run

Othe things I have done,

  • Clearing the browser cache
  • Replacing the .omod file manually
  • Upload .omod file through the UI

Is anything that I’m have missed?