Importing lab results CSV data

Hi again. I’d like to be able to import lab results. The equipment can export data through CSV files and HIS.

I haven’t found much info about this but browsing Bahmni EMR there’s an option to import CSV data, however, I obviously need to map CSV headers to the corresponding fields in the bahmni database. Where should I do this?


Hey @decote,

Lab results can be added to Bahmni EMR (not the lab system). The csv headers are described in code here. I will try creating a sample csv file for you.

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Thanks Vinay,

I tried a sample csv file but when uploading throws the following error: Server Error : 32:28.csv� LabResultsRowIN_PROGRESS���superman2016-03-28 19:32:290000-00-00 00:00:00�' can not be represented as java.sql.Timestamp

@decote - can you post a sample csv?

SuretestOpenMRS.txt (381 Bytes)

Some fields I don’t know how they are interpreted (like,Patient.Surname), but although there is an error (COMPLETED_WITH_ERRORS), there’s a new test showing in the patient’s profile (probably mapped correctly to the patient’s profile due to the Registration Number field?). although no test-result pairs are imported.

@decote The matching of the patient record goes by Registration Number, You are right.

I took your sample file and made changes to the concept names and registration number as per my local db, its works fine. I have removed the extra EMPTY cells for Test and Result and it worked.

Please find the working sample. testOpenMRS_2016-03-29.txt (389 Bytes)

@shanmugam I’ve tested an import for an order of type OPD and the results are imported into bahmni. However, I need the results to be imported into openElis for validation and generate the report (in PDF).

This does not seem to be out of the box. Is there any possibility to import to openElis through the process you recommend?

@decote: We don’t have that functionality in openElis.

Is it then possible to import results directy to openELIS instead?

No. We don’t have the functionality of importing lab results into openELIS.

Hi, I think the correct approach would be to import in elis. The results would of course flow back to Bahmni EMR as well. Just doing an internet search i noticed this…

It seems someone has tried it and written some code as well to achieve it.

In context of elis, he mentions

We have taken a much more modest approach, most analyzers are able to export their results to a file and we have written the software which will import those files into OpenELIS

@decote do you want to take a lead to connect with him to see if the software they have written is opensource and can be used for your purpose? It would be much easier to try it out with equipment available.