[IMPORTANT] We desperately need more GCI tasks!

Hi all,

In preparation of GCI, we badly need AT least 30 more tasks by Monday. Everyone and anyone, can you please help by creating new tasks in the OpenMRS GCI JIRA project? Please consider this a TOP priority.

Since we’re badly behind, your urgent cooperation is required :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa @raff @bholagabbar @cshah @terry @k.joseph

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Just to clarify here: we found confirmation that a total of 50 UNIQUE tasks is required. So we need 7 more tasks urgently at this time. Please do your best to create tasks and add them to the JIRA project! Thank you!

What about the ~81 unresolved GCI issues not (yet?) labeled as gci2016?

It looks like there’s about a dozen unresolved gci2016 issues that are not ready for work.

I added a task to document the REST API in GitBook (in JIRA and GCI). I also converted the few links from JIRA to GCI tasks from comments to web links named “GCI Task”.

Small coding tasks are game, aren’t they? I’d like to get someone to change the spinner in the REST API module from an OpenMRS logo to a conventional spinner (instead of associating the OpenMRS brand with a throbber).

Yes please. We desperately need more tasks. I’m getting desperate :confused:

@surangak I have added a few. But I couldn’t publish it. Hope you can do it :slight_smile:

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@surangak could there be people with ideas but without knowing the actual process of creating these GCI tasks? Or simply do not have the time to actually go through the process? If yes, would just providing them a scratch pad to throw out their ideas be helpful? That way, others could sweep through this scratch pad and create the appropriate GCI tasks. :slight_smile:

have you picked those from the previous year’s unresolved? i am looking through the same list probably you can comment on those tickets already added

@surangak @cshah I have added a few GCI Tasks on the Dashboard, but I couldn’t assign more mentors and also couldn’t publish it. It would be helpful if you could look into it. :slight_smile:


Sure, we just published them. And also, thank you SO much for doing this :slight_smile: Would you like me to add all other mentors to your tasks as well? can do so.

Oh, one more question, if I may. Can I bother you to add a little more description to task https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/6163537709760512/ ? We would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


@surangak added another 10 more tasks so we have 50. Please review and publish them.

Hi guys,

How’s everyone doing ? :smiley:

Had a very busy year 2016 since i got an overseas work opportunity & back to the normal lifestyle. Would love to contribute awesome GCI program this year. I will try to come up with some new GCI task ideas soon :slight_smile:

@surangak Thanks for publishing the tasks. You can add more mentors to the tasks.

I have added more description to the task : https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/6163537709760512/ Please let me know if it requires any more information.