[Important] Bahmni Release repo migration

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Hello All,

With JFrog Bintray services being deprecated from Today 1 May 2021, we have migrated our repos. Right now they are hosted at our AWS S3, and in a few days we will try to deliver through AWS CloudFront as well.

Bahmni. 0.93 is going to come bundled with the repo pointing to the new locations, but if you are trying to get any older version of Bahmni (e.g. 0.91 or 0.92), then please be advised that you need to follow the following steps.

  1. in /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml, update/add the following configuration

bahmni_repo_url: http://repo.mybahmni.org/releases/

2.While installing, you need to mention the ansible installer

bahmni -i local -aru http://repo.mybahmni.org/releases/ansible- install

All other pre-requisites and instructions remain the same. e.g. zlib, epel-release, Click etc


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Thanks so much for this vital information @angshuonline

I tried installing 0.93-105 with above instruction

“No package matching ‘bahmni-emr-0.93-95’ found available”

@angshuonline I am not sure why, but the bahmni installer rpm downloaded from S3 cannot be installed.

$ wget http://repo.mybahmni.org.s3.amazonaws.com/releases/bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm
$ rpm -ivh bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm
error: bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm: tag[42]: BAD, tag 1096 type 5 offset 31312 count 500 len 2000
error: bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm cannot be installed
$ rpm --checksig bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm

bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm:error: bahmni-installer-0.92-155.noarch.rpm: tag[42]: BAD, tag 1096 type 5 offset 31312 count 500 len 2000

Just tried that @vinay Not getting the above error. Also many have been trying with the new repo. What OS version are you trying this on?

@angshuonline Thanks for the update. I was on Centos 8.x, thats probably why. I will downgrade OS and verify.

Btw, if you want to try out the 0.93-beta, then make sure your repo points to

bahmni_repo_url: http://repo.mybahmni.org/rpm/bahmni

@angshuonline @buvaneswariarun This wiki documentation needs updating, it still refers to the old repo

Done. Thanks for letting us know

I am trying to install 0.93-105 Beta, and my repo is pointing to http://repo.mybahmni.org/rpm/bahmni, I am getting “No package matching ‘bahmni-emr-0.93-95’ found available” error. Please verify this with 0.93-105