Implementors skillset

Hello friends, am inquiring on how I can benefit from the bahmni implementers skillset:

Learning more on :Tech/Functional - EMR Configuration

Understanding of JSON, OpenMRS data model (to configure reports), Working SQL knowledge (for custom reports), Basic JavaScript knowledge (for creating custom display controls),Groovy (to create formulas)

Hello @ejustine,

What do you mean with “am inquiring on how I can benefit from the bahmni implementers skillset”?

@janux, thanks for the reply, what I meant was how I can be a student/get access to bahmni implementers training.

As far as I know from my conversations with the Bahmni team those skills are expected as per-requisites for a Bahmni implementation. There is no training course for those things provided by this project.

Maybe you can find what you search for here:


It seems like Coursera courses are free if no certificate is required.

I am not sure if this is the case for all courses. Anyway, their paid pay plan includes an option to apply for a “Financial Aid” program. See this screenshot:

More info about this program here:

I could enroll to the SQL course without providing any credit card data but I am not sure if I entered into the 7 days free trail offer.

Some courses on are free as long as no certificate is required, e.g. the one for JavaScript:!

Eventually this is even the same for all courses.


As @janux says, those specific technical skills are prerequisites that you need to configure various aspects of Bahmni. It’s also possible to do some parts of the implementation/configuration with just a general technical skillset of being able to follow commands listed in the documentation.

We don’t have an online implementer training at this point, though there’s lots of implementer documentation in the Implementers Guide in the Bahmni wiki. What are you looking to do exactly?

@Darius, my major interest to have custom display control for observations with columns like: Surgery type Surgery Date