Implementing provider module in Android Client

My sincere hello to the community, myself Rohan Sharma, I am currently in my sophomore year pursuing Computer Science at Delhi Technological University, New Delhi. I have introduced myself formally, before in the community. I was not very clear about implementing the Provider Module in the client which i think is the most important milestone to be achieved during GSOC period. I request mentors and even fellow contributors to please suggest improvements and alterations . I have referred to various links mentioned in the Idea list and I have also seen previous GSoc proposals and this is what i found about the Provider module-

First of all The web app has two modules the

  1. Providers Module
  2. Providers management Module

Providers Module-

The providers module provides basic functionality like viewing,editing,retiring,deleting already existing providers and even add new providers to the list. It also helps us do the same for provider attribute types.

Provider Management Module-

The Provider management module provides an extensive set of functionalities which include

  1. CRUD operations for provider roles
  2. CRUD operations for provider supervision types
  3. Set person attributes to be displayed on the provider dashboard
  4. Searching and adding providers.

Now what i think is that the android client need not have all the functionalities as mentioned above. Android client should only have the functionalities of the Providers module along with a system to refer the patients to providers with notification system and CRUD operations for provider roles only. Rest of them can be better dealt with, via the web app on a desktop.

I was really confused regarding the provider module so i thought it would be better to have a discussion on this topic. Looking forward to alterations and suggestions. Thankyou :slight_smile:

@f4ww4z @csmuthukuda @ball I would love hear your point of view on this

This is a good effort for a plan @codepoet2017390 . First of all, can you list out all the sources where you got the info from? I thought there is only 1 module for this which is the Provider Management module. See also this thread that was looking into implementing it (but didn’t get the chance I guess), and a mockup of 1 feature of the providers module in the Android client.

Correct. I suggest to just show to the providers that these providers functionalities are there for their use. We can then document it in our AC Uuer guide.

Once we decided on the final plan, we should definitely split this into a bunch of smaller subtasks. Unmerged PRs shows us so.

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@f4ww4z I took help from all the links mentioned on the project page and from the Advanced Administration section of the web app It list two sections of modules as mentioned above.

Yes that would be wonderful. I request we have a good discussion so as to reach the final plan as early as possible.
@csmuthukuda @ball your inputs would be of great value here.

Yes, this is the correct one - 1 module for managing the providers, and 1 to manage provider roles (roughly speaking). For a mobile app, both options should be very easy to navigate to, so I suggest to merge this into 1 section.

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Yes @f4ww4z even i thought of merging these into one but i would like to discuss which functionalities to provide from each of these modules in that merged single module. Like i mentioned above these modules have 2 and 4 sub-modules(functionalities) respectively and providing all these on a 5 inch screen is not advisable from the user point of view neither from the developer point of view. I recommned you actually using these modules of the web app and lets discuss what all is necessary and what is not.
Thankyou :slight_smile: