Implementing OpenMRS in Benin

I’m running a 20 beds hospital in Benin (west Africa). I want to implement OpenMRS. I want to showcase OpenMRS to our government so that we could help for national deployment. How can we get technical help ? We have an IT and a physician/management group in Benin that is looking for training opportunity. How it works? If there are charges associated with training how much are their? Please this is urgent matter Get back to me @ 5107175010 and/or by email @ Thanks a lot for what you’re doing. Jacob

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Hi Jacob I can help out in implementation and some technical support together with other people.All we have to do is fork the existing distributions ,customise and roll have many options here .That will however greatly depend on the needs of the government

cc @ssmusoke , @dkayiwa @samuel34 , @irenyak1, @ssemakadde

ping me back for more info


@nonmide This is great!

Will drop you an email.

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