Implementer involvement needed to thoroughly test OpenMRS 2.2

Hello All,

Implementers we need your help.

Our goal is to release OpenMRS biannually, each March and September. We apologize for not being able to meet our scheduled time of March, 2015 of OpenMRS 2.2 release.

We found major issues in only 2 days of testing. Generally, we don’t find major bugs in UAT, as all modules release bug fixes in the new release and every old functionality is already tested. This time we need to make sure all the modules are compatible with 1.11.x(1.11.0 was released earlier and planned to be included but,1.11.1 has been recently released with major bug fixes) and this cannot be made sure in a couple of days and needs some more rigorous testing.

In order to deliver a more reliable product, we are extending our testing period indefinitely (we think it would be around 1 week but it can be more or less) and it depends on the community to decide how soon we can release OpenMRS 2.2. We need our community to dig into the UAT server and test out every function they are familiar with and see that it is functioning perfectly.

We would like to track our testing progress through this globally editable google spreadsheet. Link:

All you have to do is:

  • look at the modules/functionality you are familiar with in the Spreadsheet,
  • test it out in the UAT

Based on the response we get, we will be picking a release date for OpenMRS 2.2. As always, this is a community effort and let’s work towards releasing OpenMRS 2.2 as soon as possible.

–Thank you, @maurya , On behalf of OpenMRS community

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We are working on releasing OpenMRS 2.2 as soon as possible and these are the following issues to be handled for releasing OpenMRS 2.2:

You can help us by testing out OpenMRS in UAT server and updating the results in this google spreadsheet.