Implementer interface, Form builder - Using docker images

We are currently using the latest version of the docker containers for bahmni and whenever we restart or take the running container and bring it back up it breaks the forms. The forms were created using the implementer interface.

Also the icons in the form builder are not being displayed. For example edit form, export form etc.

I have cc: @mohant – please see. Might need to open a JIRA ticket for this. This can also block the Clinic Config Squad that are going to create forms soon.

Will check it once in and raise a bug card @gsluthra

Hello @opensolutions. Thanks for reporting the issues. Created the below JIRA cards to track the issues.

  1. Icon not loading → [BAH-2162] - Bahmni - JIRA
  2. Form Error after OpenMRS container restart → [BAH-2163] - Bahmni - JIRA

Also for the icons not loading properly, you can use a previous build of the image with tag 0.94-10 as the last commit of updating dependencies has broken something. In your .env file you set IMPLEMENTER_INTERFACE_IMAGE_TAG to 0.94-10 to use the same.


Hello @opensolutions . The issues has been fixed. Please try out the latest images. You can get the latest image by running docker pull bahmni/implementer-interface. Also make sure to take a git pull on bahmni-package repository. Thanks.

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