Implementer interface doesn't show any warning if user doesn't save the form

After the design of the form if the user moves to another link, there is no warning to save the form and all the data is lost.

Design the form and don’t save

Come back to the form which was not saved

We want to notify the user to chose to save or don’t save the designed form.

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Thought of Implementing to show a warning modal while trying to leave the form with unsaved changes… Mockup looks like this.

Please suggest changes, if required. @angshuonline @shivarachakonda

where would the validation and the code be? in form-controls or outside?

@angshuonline The whole code for this will be in Implementer-interface repo. We already have one similar pop-up, while trying to edit the published form.

We have took reference from the above pop-up.

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@angshuonline @binduak @gsluthra Was this ever implemented? If yes, can we extend it to other modules as well? We have been receiving for example suggestions from users saying they need to see a similar popup/ warning in the clinical if they navigate away from an observation form without submitting the content. Would it be possible to implement this feature into the clinical module?

It wasn’t implemented. There is an open ticket for exactly your requirement. [BAH-2359] - Bahmni - JIRA

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Thanks @akhilmalhotra ! I’ll followup on the ticket.