[Implemented] Upgrade Express to 3.x?

I think we should take the time to upgrade the version of Express used in the ID Dashboard. Currently, we use v2.5.11.

2.x is over two years old, and will not be updated for future versions of Node, so this upgrade will have to happen at some point.

By upgrading, we gain some new features in the Express API. In addition, we can start using libraries that require a newer version of Express, like formage (which I’m trying to implement for ID-35) and express-debug.

See the 2x to 3x migration guide for details on how to update our code.

@plypy , what are your thoughts?


We definitely need to upgrade those packages, but make 2.0 available first. This can be put into agenda.

We should make a todo list so I dont step on anyone’s toes :slight_smile:

Actually… We’ve already done that. See ID-38, and this (surprsingly) large PR