Implementations of module radiology/radiologydcm4chee

Hello all!

I am starting to contribute to the openmrs-module-radiologydcm4chee, this module is based of the older module ‘radiology’ adding a connection to the dcm4chee PACS.

My goal is to help add tests, refactor, get the module regularly built by the bamboo ci and up to Later on adapt the module to the changes in the Order API in OpenMRS to be able to use it with OpenMRS >= 1.10.x, and use the new UI framework.

Now to my starting troubles :smile:

The openmrs-module-radiologydcm4chee

is actually just called as such on github

but its code still has the artifactId = radiology (in the modules root pom.xml)

So openmrs-module-radiologydcm4chee module name is actually ‘radiology’

The question is should openmrs-module-radiologydcm4chee totally replace openmrs-module-radiology which as I can see is not developed anymore or should we rename the artifactId = radiologydcm4chee ?

As @sunbiz pointed out it would be great to know how many implementations use the old radiology module and who uses the openmrs-module-radiologydcm4chee? And what your thoughts are on the naming issue?

Thanks a lot! cheers Ivo

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@levine, do you have any helpful input on this? Is this the module your student worked on?

Yes, my student developed this module. Please feel free to modify, as needed. I believe the module is being used, but I can’t recall where it’s used. Barry

What we really want to find out is if the old radiology module is being used by implementations?? And can that be replaced by the new module that uses dcm4chee? Ivo, may be you also want to send an email to the dev list… since some developer might also be working on the old module

Thank you all for the information! Just wrote a message to the google dev list, waiting for it to get online.

@levine is your student still involved in the community?

And is there one lead maintainer of the repository

or are there several people and not just one in particular able to merge pull requests

At the moment I am only addressing @sunbiz for my pull requests, but am not sure if this is the right way :wink:

Or if I should use the openmrs-module-radiology’s JIRA space for future issues/features?

Have a great day or evening :smile: Ivo

My student isn’t doing much with OpenMRS, now, since he’s working pretty long hours. In any case, I just pinged him to check the list.


thank you @levine!

Posted the topic as well on the developers list:!topic/dev/L1NnWmV5PZE

lets see!

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