Immunizations using CIEL dictionary

I am looking at a paper form like this (my assumption is that “Rappel” is French for a booster dose, given later) to record the vaccination doses given:

In the CIEL dictionary, the concept set for this is Immunization History which has a coded Immunization and a numeric Immunization Sequence Number.

So I would presume that immunization sequence number should be 0, 1, 2, 3 (or maybe 1, 2, 3, 4) for the “Dose #” ones, but does anyone have suggestions for how I should represent the “Rappel #” booster doses?

I would be interested in how these would be used in the schedule for EzVac and decision support. My guess is that they just go in as additional sequence number…

Dear @darius,

Your assumption on “Rappel” being “booster” is correct per my understanding.

In my HTML vaccination form for use in Haiti, I used the next consecutive dose number for the “Rappel”. See my HTML form in the form bank.



Does using the vaccine and vaccine sequence number store the data as an obsgroup?

This is an old thread, but if you use the immunization history or current immunizations concept set, it should create an obs group.

@akanter thanks so much!