Immunizations and Concepts

I’m wondering how most people are recording immunizations in OpenMRS. Specifically, I am wondering most have created a concept for each step of the vaccine, for example, OPV has 3 steps in its series. Are implementations creating one concept for OPV or 3 concepts OPV1, OPV2, OPV3.

Thanks for your help!


Partners In Health uses these CIEL concepts (obsgroup with obs for immunizations, immunization sequence number, and vaccination date):

It looks like this in the RefApp:

Yes, the best practice is not to create specific concepts for 1st dose of OPV, etc. This is problem because the number of doses is not always the number given, that doses outside a certain window are not valid, etc. So it is best to capture the immunizations in the array (obs group) with the sequence number then convert to specific sequences when needed. I also direct folks to the EzVac module which allows creation of an immunization schedule and provides clinical decision support on immunization ordering.