Immunization FHIR Resource

Hi @ibacher I have some error on #projects:fhir immunization resource in postman. There are no changes that I made on the codebase.

CC: @mozzy @dkayiwa

From your screen shot , the error log says

Immunization Resource Requires a Concept mapped to CIEL:1421

ideally it should work ,see test and metadata required

@abertnamanya The Immunization resource is built as a series of Obs based on the CIEL:1421 – Immunization History concept. So you install will need to have concepts mapped the SAME-AS CIEL:1421, CIEL:984 (type of immunization), and CIEL:1410 (date of vaccination). IIRC the other concepts in the metadata @mozzy provided aren’t required but are nice-to-haves.

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Thank you @ibacher, Does it mean I have to create these concepts??

A quick way is to load CIEL in your instance

@ibacher , we need to add those concepts to the reff app default meta data

cc @herbert24


Thank you @mozzy

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