ImagePullBackOff error - bahmni kubernetes

I used git: GitHub - Bahmni/bahmni-k8s: Bahmni on Kubernetes and follow the step when i run it then I face this error ImagePullBackOff

bahmni-k8s$ kubectl get all NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE pod/bahmni-web-9cbb97955-gng5n 1/1 Running 1 (6m18s ago) 17h
pod/odoo-66b9f598ff-c6g4d 0/1 ImagePullBackOff 0 17h
pod/odoo-connect-6f4457b98b-ggfj5 0/1 ImagePullBackOff 1 (6m18s ago) 17h
pod/odoodb-56fbc896dc-6fxqk 1/1 Running 1 (6m18s ago) 17h
pod/openelis-66654dc45f-8v96j 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 17h
pod/openelisdb-5d7994c74f-cps8h 1/1 Running 1 (6m18s ago) 17h
pod/openmrs-77dd964f95-tdzz9 0/1 ImagePullBackOff 0 17h
pod/openmrsdb-5848c77797-zbcns 1/1 Running 1 (6m18s ago) 17h

bahmni-k8s is no longer maintained, I have archived the repo with deprication notice. Please refer this document to run bahmni cluster locally using Minikube.

Can you share more details on your intend to try Bahmni with Kubernetes - do you plan to run Kubernetes cluster in production eventually? What cloud provider are you considering?

Thanks @n0man