I'm unable to setup OpenMRS webapp on my system

Can someone please help me out.

@gauravdewat What did you do before reaching here?

I installed tomcat9 on my system and deployed openmrs.war file from Tomacat Web Application Manager. As we proceed further to OpenMRS Installation Wizard, this error is shown on second step.

Hi, have you been able to solve our issue.

No, not yet

Hi, @gauravdewat have you taken a look at OpenMRS SDK. I think you shuold try installing it and follow the steps to build a server which you can add mod to and consume in the browser. Take a look this as well.

Make sure you have this directory /usr/share/tomcat9/.OpenMRS/ with full ownership to tomcat9:tomcat9

Hi @gauravdewat

This is a very common issue in openmrs. You could have foubd the solution easily by googling by exact name of the error.

The solution is to first identify the home directory of the tomcat7/8/9 user

cat /etc/passwd | grep tomcat

then create .OpenMRS directory in the tomcat users directory. Last is to

chown tomcat9.tomcat9 .OpenMRS

that is it.