I'm not able to store the location attribute for provider value as free long text.

I have created an attribute with name providerterm and select its Data type as LONG FREE TEXT.Now when I try to post its from Angular I got the following error.Can some one help me on this issue.

Please see the server error on post at pastebin. https://pastebin.com/Wxu5CpQ8

Does it work fine if you just use the data type Free Text?

Yes,it work well when I choose data type as Free Text.I need Data type as Long Free Text.

Can you share the details of the post that you are making and the url that you are posting to?

We are making the following json object and posting to: /openmrs/ws/v1/location/providerUUID/attributeUUID

 let   providerAttr =JSON.stringify({
  uuid: provider.uuid,
  display: provider.person.display

let attrPayload = {
  attributeType: "cf385061-18c4-448e-a0dc-a0153688dd1b",
  value: providerAttr

attrPayload is payload for above url.

Are you trying to create a new location?

“Use case is to assign a location/clinic to a provider”

No I’m trying to assigning location to a provider.

Shouldn’t you then be using the provider resource?

Sorry for the late reply.Do you mean I need to create attribute on provider resource?

Yes that is what am suggesting.

I decided to use free-text instead of long free text.I’m facing this issue.Would you please take a look at this why I’m getting error. https://pastebin.com/YzUhKVKA

You are making the REST call without authentication.