IHE profiles and OpenMRS used as a CR/SHR Repository

Hi @ibacher,

There are situations where OpenMRS is used as a CR and SHR Repository. This is somewhat a misuse of OpenMRS: it might not scale well or provide the internal functionalities that are required by enterprise CRs or SHR Repos. But let us assume that this happens from time to time for whatever circumstantial reasons.

I am wondering what are your thoughts on supporting that use case anyway by ensuring that some of the necessary specifications can be met, which in short translates into supporting a number of IHE profiles.

I could imagine a new openmrs-module-ihe that will require FHIR2 and would take care of making this happen. For instance by supporting PDQ/PIX/MPQ queries, the XDS.b profile… etc.

What’s your take on this?

Cc @burke

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I’m 100% in support of something like this. If people are going to use OpenMRS as a CR or SHR, then yes, we should have a module adding proper support for that. Presumably it would be part of or pair with a module that actually implements core CR or SHR functionality.



Do you happen to know if this is on someone’s or some group’s roadmap already?

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There may be some existing efforts around this area. I don’t have a comprehensive list, and don’t know if they are exactly the use cases you are looking for, or if these are at all up-to-date with the latest standards, but it’s worth looking at spaces like these (and other modules / projects related to these github organizations):

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Thanks @mseaton.

Looks like the IsantéPlus one is the contrary: it helps OpenMRS transacts with a SHR Repository.

However the Jembi one looks like a foundation yes. I’ll certainly take a look, and I see that @wyclif did work on it which will help me get my head around it :slight_smile:

@danfuterman, I see that this wasn’t touched since 2017, I would assume that Jembi has since then invested in deploying proper SHR Repositories rather than trying to make one out of OpenMRS? Which makes total sense.

Jembi did develop the following 5 modules that make OpenMRS be an SHR,

I don’t think there are any modules that have been developed to make OpenMRS compliant to the CR IHIE profile, what I have seen are client module(s) that can communicate with a CR.

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Thanks @wyclif, that’s pretty amazing.

Do you have any sense whether this is/has been used? Again maybe that’s rather a question for @danfuterman, but in case you happen to know.

@mksd this was used in Haiti before my team joined that project. We’re pulling OpenMRS out of the role of the SHR because you’re exactly right - it didn’t scale well and didn’t serve the full purpose. If you want, you can talk with @ccwhite23 about the experience with OpenMRS as the SHR in that project. We’re now implementing HAPI FHIR with a nodejs business logic on top for the SHR - and using the IPS profile for exchange with OpenMRS through the FHIR2 module. @pmanko can say more about that if you want the details. We’re using OpenCR as the CR in our case. Hope that’s helpful.