iFrame Integration

Hello there! In short - What repo/branch do I need to use to integrate another app with your simplest version of OpenMRS? In more detail - My team with Optum, is exploring integration of our app with existing open source EHR/EMR applications. With OpenEMR, we placed our button on top of right side of the main Window (after a patient gets selected). Clicking on our button brings our app to iFrame on right side of the OpenEMR. We are doing all this for demo purposes, not a real integration yet. Long term, we would want to do this using SMART hooks. Thanks for your help! Zoran Polic zorin.polic@optum.com (919) 633-8623

Can you take a look at our demo server and then come up with a screenshot or mockup of what you would like to add? http://demo.openmrs.org


Thank you for your response. I think we found it - openmrs-core 2.x.0 branch and openmrs-module-legacyui master branch. I have it up and running.