Ideas Wanted: Abstracts due September 17 for the 2021 Global Digital Health Forum

The 2021 Global Digital Health Forum is slated for December 6-8.

This year’s theme is Improving Digital Health Through Digital Transformation . Abstract submissions are due on September 17. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase any and all of the great work that’s happening in the community. There are a number of different types of sessions that we can be a part of (individual presentations, pre-formed panel, interactive workshop, lightning talk, solution demos, etc) and about seven different themes:

  1. Elevating health in the climate debate
  2. Delivering health in conflict and crisis
  3. Making healthcare fairer and more equitable
  4. Expanding access to medicines and commodities
  5. Stopping infectious disease and preparing for epidemics
  6. Investing in people who defend our health
  7. Keeping adolescents safe
  8. Earning public trust
  9. Strengthening digital health ecosystems
  10. Lessons from other fields/Other

Last year, we organized a panel presentation on our COVID-19 work (hats off to @akanter @burke @wanyee and @ball) and @christine presented our QA work as part of a different panel.

It would be great to be a part of GDHF again this year, especially with so much fantastic work happening in the community these days. Any inspiring ideas out there that we can turn into an abstract or two or three? Anyone interested in collaborating on a presentation or workshop? Feel free to use this space to brainstorm.

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@jennifer thanks for bringing this up here. I think it will be nice to know what members of the community are doing especially work around COVID-19 Vaccine and other commodities distribution monitoring.

I think this would be a great opportunity to share the work of OpenMRS 3.0 with the Global Health community at GDHF 2021. More specifically, I’m picturing something like this:

A preformed panel within the “Strengthening digital health ecosystems” track facilitated by @lamurie or @jennifer describing OpenMRS 3.0 and how it being leveraged & implemented with a few presentations:

  • OpenMRS 3.0 (@grace)
  • How the CDC is leveraging OpenMRS 3.0: OHRI (@mayanja)
  • Initial implementations of OpenMRS 3.0 (e.g., @jdick, @mksd)

I’ll send out an email to get agreement/alignment and work to describe this session in a one-page abstract we can submit before next Friday’s (17 Sept) deadline.

@jaghatise That’s a good idea - and one that we could include in our 2021 Implementers’ Meeting as well. If we pursue this for GDHF, what type of session where you thinking of? Did you have specific countries or implementers in mind?

@burke Really good idea. I’ve already started a shared Google doc for drafting the abstract. Let’s aim for an initial draft by COB anywhere in the world on Wednesday, September 14 so we can get feedback and finalize by the 17th.

@jennifer I’ve tried to prepare your Google doc for submission. Do you think you have enough now to submit to GDHF by tomorrow? Let me know if you need anything.


Thanks @burke! This gives me plenty to work with and submit to GDHF by the new deadline (September 20). Even though the deadline’s been extended, I’ll aim to submit it today.

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@jennifer did the GDHF submission for OpenMRS get accepted?


@burke Our GDHF submission was accepted! They didn’t give much more information than that - updates to come.

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