Ideas/suggestions for Android client

Hello community members!

As already discussed here, I need some more ideas and suggestions to add to the Android Project for this year’s GSOC.

I’m tagging previous year’s GSOC contributors @rishabh997 @saurabh and @dev2 members so that they can pitch in some suggestions.

You can find the already proposed ideas here



Just incase you want more information from @rishabh997 you can reach him through his email. He is very committed elsewhere. Besides, to get a clear insight on what next on Android project, try to interact with RefApp 2.12.0 to know which feature was added that is missing on Android 3.x.


Hi, thanks for reaching out via mail, there are some features that I think can be helpful in future:

  1. Feature Modularization Since the android client is “layer modularized”, it becomes difficult to segregate different features, we tried this in previous year’s gsoc and @saurabh might have better idea in this… Not sure if it is feasible with current codebase but this is one things we can work on…
  2. MVVM architecture

Since I haven’t been in touch with the project, saurabh can give better views here…


Thanks for quick response @rishabh997. These are indeed some good ideas to work upon. @herbert24 Have a look, I’m adding these to the wiki page.

@saurabh do you want to say any thing here cc @grace

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Adding onto the points put up by @rishabh997, I think I documented few points we can work further on in my weekly articles last year. I will quickly add it here again.

  1. Rectifying the pipeline for the google play store app publish.
  2. Getting the app published on F-Droid.
  3. Migration of Whole codebase to Kotlin + architectural improvements.
  4. Work closely with Implementer/s to get the client customized and deployed.
  5. Addition of more modules to the android client to bridge the gap in functionality provided by web app and android application.

I would say 3rd point being of utmost importance, It would be really be great, if we get some concrete requirements from the implementors who really have to use the android client, so that all these efforts put in really help us :slightly_smiling_face:.

i will tag @jennifer and @grace on this


I consent with you and I suppose @slubwama can be of great help on this.

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