Ideas for the 2018 OpenMRS Conference Hackathon

@c.antwi the time on the calendar is still misleading.

The FACES program would like to implement the sync module for their KenyaEMR deployment. We have done this for the OpenMRS implementations with success but Sync module does not seem to work with KenyaEMR. This is an important module for our near future EMR deployments as we are in the process of gearing up for KenyaEMR scale-up to multiple health facilities. We current have KenyaEMR in 10 facilities and we need to resolve the sync module issue before we scale up. We are banking on the hackathon to sort us out. Thanks.

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this sounds good

Hi @eddiemu, The current work that is being done with regard to sync2 is only compatible with 2.x openmrs platform, the agenda was to push for the remaining tasks to be completed for use. What is your plan to upgrade kenyaEMR to run on OpenMRS 2.x?, alternatively, we can work towards making sync2 compatible with 1.x during this hackthon if time allows, but it would be better to just upgrade for your case. Thanks

@aojwang, are there plans to upgrade KenyaEMR to 2.x platform?

It would be useful to have a version that is compatible to 1.x. I believe KenyaEMR has over 300 installations countrywide and they are all running on 1.x platform (@aojwang please confirm). Have a sync module that works for the current installations could have a huge impact on how the organizations using KenyaEMR can easily consume their data.

Hi Edwin. Sorry for the late response. We had planned to move to platform 2.x unfortunately we couldn’t meet all the demands due to time. Nevertheless, we target to have that as soon as possible after our current work on 1.12.x

Hello all,

We planned to add OpenMRS 1.X support in sync2 module based on request from Mozambique - Sync2 Testing Report. However, this request seems to be outdated. If there is still a requirement for other projects like KenyaEMR, I think that it can be useful.

We’ve already created tickets for this epic - In my opinion it is a good feature for hackathon.

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There is a huge requirement for this still, even in Mozambique, they are still on OpenMRS 1.11.x and sync is key. In KenyaEMR, they really need that for their sites synchronization. Yes, this will be one of the hackthon items. Are you at the conference we catch up and discuss this?

Thanks for information. Solomon Simba from PATH is on the conference. You can try to catch him.

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I just revised the ideas that we can discuss and agree on them this friday here

@dkayiwa @mseaton can you coodinate the data exchange bit? @mogoodrich and @SolDevelo you have been mentioned to lead on items in this years hackthon @christine there the revised list. Am planning to have a short discussion after the conference, agree on few things, split into groupd and then start working

Hi All. Unfortunately FACES was not able to attend this year’s conference but we shall be back next year. Was this item discussed/handled at the hackathon? If so, kindly share with us the outcome.

OK, I will try to translate from it. The first feature I noticed is having something like (good reads) web service for clinicians who are using OpenMRS. I mean if a doctor or a pharmacist or a nurse is using OpenMRS, he/she can have a book that he/she is reading and wants to share with his/her colleagues, and can have a discussion forum for the textbook they are using. This can resonate with clinical decision support later on in OpenMRS. :slight_smile:

@eddiemu we did NOT have any of the @SolDevelo representative in the conference, the point person from PATH who was supposed to lead the way did make it to the hackthon session, we ended up shelving it for offline engagements.

Dear community,

we’re currently working on making the Sync 2.0 module compatible with the OpenMRS 1.x. The work is almost finished and then the module will be ready to test. It’ll be great if some of the community could take a part in the test phase.

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Hi @ningosi,

the Soldevelo team are planning the Sync 2.0 showcase meeting (Sync 2.0 Showcase). It will be a possibility to see the new features it will be great if you will take a part.

Do you know something about a plan to use the Sync 2.0 into KenyaEMR?

cc: @abendor @kmadej

Hi @alalo Thanks for the headup! let me copy in @aojwang and @eddiemu to give the status of KenyaEMR and sync2.

@ningosi, @alalo thanks so much for pinging us. We’ll definitely be interested in the show case. We are still on 1.12.0 upgrade with plans to upgrade to 2.x soon.

@eddiemu we realized privilege issue with sync in KenyaEMR and we are resolving it. @botienoh this is good for us.

@aojwang, this is good news to hear it being resolved. We are on hand to help with testing if needed.