Ideas for OMRS19 Lightning Talks

We’re only a few days away from OMRS19! Have you been thinking about what you want to share? Wondering about the best way to do it?

Lightning talks are the perfect way to share an idea or topic to all conference participants in a fun, rapid-fire way. These concise presentations are intended to grab the audience’s attention, and convey what you want people to learn more about within 5 minutes. You are welcome to share any topic you want, but be prepared to do it within the time allotted!

Our schedule has enough time set aside for roughly 10 people to give a lightning talk. If you’d like to learn more, check out this video for some hints and tricks . And if you are all set to go, please submit your proposed lightning talk topic below!

Please include a title and a short description . Putting “####” in front of your title will highlight it in your post.

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OpenMRS & Bahmni Interoperability with openIMIS

A short overview on the role of health financing towards UHC, the openIMIS initiative and software application to manage social (health) protection schemes, and ongoing work supporting openIMIS data exchange with OpenMRS, Bahmni and DHIS2.


New Digital Solutions using Point-of-Care EMR for Chronic Care conditions in Rural Malawi

Overview of an implementation of Point of Care EMR (OpenMRS / React application). Implemented by Partners In Health in Neno district to support the Malawi Ministry of Health (Neno District Health Office).


@lthengo this is not enough overview according to the time given, are you preparing an assumption of this !!

The OpenHIM Mapping Mediator - Simplifying Interoperability Between Disparate Info Systems

A short overview of ongoing work on the OpenHIM Mapping Mediator, a generic mediator designed to be reused and adapted to support data validation, mapping and transformation to allow communication between previously disparate systems, along with illustrative use cases relevant to OpenMRS and Bahmni.


The Open Concept Lab for OpenMRS module

A brief review of the functionality available for the beta release of the OCL for OpenMRS module, its current status and plan for rollout/support.


Quality Assurance in OpenMRS

A short introduction about the QA team and the goals it plans to achieve with support from the community to ensure the delivery of high quality OpenMRS products.

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Launch of

Built on last year’s EHR UX Design talk, this lightning talk will launch a new way to crowdsource and collaborate the best designs for medical software.


Bahmni 0.92 - Whats the latest

Overview of Bahmni version 0.92 covering:

  • What are the latest changes
  • Benefits of using 0.92
  • Platform and Odoo upgrade

A new paradigm for EHRs

If folks are interested (and there is time), I could give a brief on what I presented at AMIA. We need to change how we think about health information technology from passive data collectors to a communication medium.

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Mozambique Point of Care System

Overview of Mozambique Point of Care system covering:

  • What we did
  • Key Features and Contributions
  • Learnings
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Partners In Health: Accomplishments from 2019

Major accomplishments from the past year:

  • Lab workflow
  • Haiti: NCD V2
  • Mexico: Development of outpatient PIH EMR; MS Access -> OpenMRS migration
  • Sierra Leone: Bahmni -> RefApp (PIH EMR) migration
  • Malawi: Point-of-care for integrated care (see @lthengo lightning talk)

If you plan to present a lightning talk…

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Presentations must be uploaded before the lightning session begins. If you have not uploaded your presentation, then you will be skipped or will need to present without slides, since we will not be taking time between presenters to change laptops.

Note: a presentation is not required for lightning talks; some people just use the time to talk without slides.

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NigeriaMRS 2.0 distribution and other OpenMRS implementations in Nigeria

An overview of OpenMRS implementation in Nigeria the objective it plans to achieve with support from the community to ensure the delivery of high-quality OpenMRS products. What we did, Key Features and Contributions and Learnings.

UgandaEMR Point of care approach