Ideas for #OMRS18 Demonstrations

Demonstrations will be available to anyone wanting to present or discuss technologies or ideas in a more hands-on way. If there’s something you want to show or demonstrate to the entire OpenMRS Community, now is your chance! You’ll have your own station to present and discuss your topics as well as share the challenges you’ve experienced in deploying or implementing your work. If you’re interested in giving a demonstration, please submit your proposed demonstration below!

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Maternal Child Health

We are currently building features on the RefApp for Maternal Child Health – htmlforms, vaccinations widget, clinician-facing dashboards, and using “off-the-shelf” pieces (Relationships, Programs, etc). Would love feedback and see what others have done for this clinical care area.


Openmrs has been a hurdle for writing reports and doing analytics over the database because of its highly normalised and hierarchical data model.

To address this problem we have built Bahmni mart which can create a flattened data model out of Openmrs. Now this database can be plugged into any analytical tool or can be used for writing complex reports in an easy and simpler manner.

We would like to showcase our experience building mart database and the impact that it has created in writing reports and doing analytics.

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Form Builder

Currently, the implementers create concept sets in openMRS for observations to be captured. Later they provide JSON configuration for these forms to define how different concepts and concepts behave in UI. Also currently users can write custom javascript functions to provide validations for certain fields on these observation forms.


  1. Reduce the technical know-how dependency required for the implementers currently to configure forms in Bahmni (Implementation of Openmrs).
  2. Remove the current dependency for every form or section within the form to be a concept set. Instead of allowing the implementers to design the UI elements separately without the need of having a concept set.


  1. Provide users with a user interface using which:

  2. They shall define the forms and its UI elements.

  3. The UI elements may be bound to the data source.

  4. They shall be allowed to define validations on the UI elements. (Whereby eliminating the need for users to edit JSON configuration files and to provide custom javascript functions for validations)

  5. Allow users to share the form definition across implementations thereby reducing the startup time for defining forms at each implementation site.


The form builder shall allow users to,

  1. Define new forms, edit existing forms or delete (retire) existing forms.
  2. The user shall be able to drag and drop fields on the form as its UI elements.
  3. The user shall/may bind each of this UI element to a data source which shall be a concept.

Smart Card and mUzima integration in KenyaEMR

We have successfully integrated the use of Smart Cards for handling HIV testing and immunizations data in KenyaEMR. We would like to showcase the work we have done and the experience with Smart Card. We would also like to get your views/reactions to help improve the solution. You are welcome


We’ll be demoing OpenSRP a mobile health platform that integrates with OpenMRS.

We will demonstrate our Child Immunization and Clinical ANC app. We are also in the process of developing OpenSRP modules to be used by CHWs for partners like UNICEF.

Hi Sudhamsh,

I missed the demo yesterday! Any chance you can show me tomorrow (Friday) or I’ll be around all weeeknd.

Jessica Ruff 0743 156 389