Idea for adding more synchronizable concepts from OpenMRS to Odoo


Based on OpenERP Syncing Config, currently Bahmni supports syncing of the following order types:

  • Drug Order
  • Lab Order
  • Radiology Order

Has anyone tried to add an additional syncing “thing” from OpenMRS to Odoo. In particular I am interested to sync visit type from OpenMRS to Odoo.


CURRENTLY: User orders a laboratory order > Order gets synced with Odoo and it appears in the quotation

DESIRED: User starts a new visit (e.g. OPD) > Visit appears in the quotation as an entry in the quotation with a certain price

Right now, Bahmni only sync orderables to Odoo, that relate to any product/services on Odoo. I am guessing you want to sync visit consultation charges to Odoo?

Hi @angshuonline ,

Actually yes. I want to sync visit type to Odoo.

If the visit is initiated as e.g. IPD > in Odoo quotation I can show e.g. 50usd

If the visit is initiated as e.g. OPD > in Odoo quotation I can show e.g. 20usd

I can also make this as a service in Odoo and add manualy in the bill but it would be great to have it synce’d as the orders currently are > automatically