Idea: Evidence Hub for OpenMRS?

From a quick google of “OpenMRS research” and “OpenMRS evaluation”, there seem to be a lot of studies out there. Yet when I travel and talk to eHealth leaders, I am often asked, “Has there been any research on OpenMRS or its effectiveness?” It would be great to have a simple link to send them to.

I love this idea like Dimagi just released, of a 1-stop-shop for decision makers to see the evidence-base for a global good: :link: CommCare Evidence Base Overview website :link: and CommCare Evidence Base tracker spreadsheet of known studies :scroll:

It would be great to do something similar for OpenMRS, starting really simple.

A simple page on our Website like “OpenMRS Evidence Hub” - we could start by listing and linking to all known studies involving OpenMRS. So it would look something like this (I copied some of the CommCare content as an example):

The OpenMRS Evidence Hub

More than __ studies have been conducted exploring OpenMRS. Collectively, these studies provide strong evidence that equipping Frontline Workers (FLWs) with OpenMRS improves__, ___, and ___. This site is our online, up-to-date repository, with new studies being shared and published frequently. The OpenMRS Community maintains the CommCare Evidence Base and adds new studies as they are discovered.

  • 2022: Study name ipsemlorem
  • 2021: Publication name ipsemlorem
Case Studies
  • 2020: Country: Article name

For questions, please get in touch with us.

What do folks think of this? Perhaps the Evaluation Squad could do the exercise of googling and compiling known content?

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