ID migration on 10th December

Hi Everyone, Continuing with migration to Jetstream, we have scheduled the migration of on 8th December 4:00 am UTC. During this process you will not be able to signup with ID. The expected outage is 3 hours.


@sparshadotel ok during this process we will not be able to signup with ID what will we use?

The idea is that NEW users won’t be able to sign up. But existing users should be able to login in just fine.

So I’d ask new users to try later.

@cintiadr ok

We ran into a few problems today so we have shifted the migration to December 10th 2:00 am UTC.

Please @jwnasambu and @dkayiwa. On Sunday, @sparshadotel will reattempt to do a partial migration of our ID system.

Please make sure you DO NOT modify any users (grant JIRA/confluence/admin access) or create new users in formage during that time. Those changes will be lost (or cause terrible inconsistencies).

The sign up form in will generate exceptions when someone tries to register during that time.

@cintiadr thanks

this is starting now.

Will you notify us as soon as it is complete? :smile:

I will :slight_smile: . sorry this is taking longer than expected.

I could not get ID dashboard to connect with our new LDAP server. @r0bby can you confirm if ID is properly built to handle TLS connection with LDAP. @cintiadr I have switched to old LDAP server. @dkayiwa signup is woking now.