Id Label Print in Reference App

Yes. In our case we are using a 4 part code to quickly identify where the paper patient records can be found. a-bb-cc-dd, where a= file room;bb=file rack;cc=shelf;dd=position.

@mafrica on this server search for any patient and go to their dashboard. Then under “General Actions” click on “Patient Summary” and tell me if the document that downloads is what you are looking for.


Very close.

The specific paper has 5mm margin, top, bottom and side. The label needs to be repeated 5 times across the page and 13 times down. Not sure on your font size but by memory (I will verify) I need 9pt to fit in the label. The Dob and id need to be swapped. Many, many thanks

Can you check again for the repeat pattern? I will later on give you instructions on how to change margins and font size.

Font looks good, but it would be good to know how to adjust. For the record I was wrong on the margin it is in fact 10mm. The repeat counts are fine and printed row layout fine. I need to control the spacing between each column and row. On the example I measure the cols at 28mm wide and the rows 19mm deep, I need to set this to 38mm and 21.2mm

To not be too close to the label edge it would be good if there was one blank line at the top of each label and one blank character on the left.

This should take you to the report designer:

When you double click on each of the items under the “Design Items” panel on the left, a properties window will pop up for you to see the “Other Data” property. It has this value: 5,140,13,100 where 5 is the number of columns, 13 is the number of rows, 140 is the width between the columns, and 100 is the height between the rows. Try change these values and save. Then test the effects of your changes as you refine it further. You can use one tab for the report designer and another for the patient dashboard, to reduce the number of clicks. :slight_smile:


Again many thanks. I have been trying follow the link since the reply was posted, but I guess you have some server problems as I am just getting’s server DNS address could not be found

You are right. It was changed yesterday to

This looks very good. I think I can work with it.

The report designer seems to bottom out at 10pt pitch. Can this be configured to go lower?

What is the process to incorporate the code in my local implementation.

@mafrica i tested this using Firefox. Can you try select “Page Setup” from the “File” menu and increase the “Height”?

I am using Chrome, but I don’t think this is the issue. The font setting that I am referring to is on the report designer toolbar. If you pick some field and click the font size button, then the minimum value is 10.

I increased the page height and it made no difference to font sizes available.

Can you explain the units used on the height, width and margin are they points?

If you want the labels to go lower at the bottom, then you need to increase the height between rows using the “Other Data” property. Did i get you? :slight_smile:

I have managed to replicate this in my growing enterprise systems, thanks.

Is there an easy way to transform one of the fields into a barcode say in code128 format?

Do you mind explaining this a bit more? :slight_smile:

The labels will be used to identify paper documents eg partogram and also lab samples. In the case eg of the lab we need to record the test results associated with each sample against the patient id. We can type the id from the ample label or simply scan the label - less effort and greater accuracy.

Code128 is one of a number of possible barcode schemes but seems to be a good general fit, able to accommodate upto 64 ASCII characters. The dimensions of the bar graphic would need to be adjustable as with any image to fit into the available label print space. Conventionally the character form of the barcode is printed underneath the bar graphic for situations where a scanner is not available.

Is this of any help?

It certainly seems that someone was on the right track, but I don’t think that I can see how to get it working in the labels in the ref app without resorting to a long learning curve. Can you?

I also note that the descriptive text for the global variable emr.primaryIdentifierType refers to it being used in barcode production sugesting that there is or was functionality for this.

Is this thread of any use? Patient identification methods

This comes from the work PIH originally did for Mirebalais hospital. It should be compatible with the reference application, but it’s not officially included. It is specifically hardcoded to certain Zebra label and idcard printers. You can read a bit about this in this post and the one right after it: