Id Label Print in Reference App

Following patient registration I would like to print a page of basic id labels to be inserted in the patient record folder.

Despite much documentation searching, I do not seem able to find a straight forward way to do this. Can anyone advise the best method?

Do you have a sample of what you would like this to look like?

Daniel, I plan to use AS-MSE-1065 labels. They come in an A4 sheet of 5x13 labels. Each label is 38x21.2mm.

Printed on the label I just need family name, other names (we allow for 3), internal patient id and DoB.

We anticipate attaching the label to all samples and paper documents - about 20 labels per birth. I am trying to follow an implementation plan where paper vitals records and orders are progressively phased out the labels are one step along the way.

Here is a scanned sample of something I produced using Care2x. Ideally the labels find their way into a pdf file which could be retained.Scan_20170118.pdf (2.5 MB)

So how do you plan to choose the patients whose labels are to be printed?

The natural thing seems to add a line to the (normally blue) menu box on the patient search screen. I suspect that as I go further along this road I may have a number of patient specific documents that I will wish to print and so ideally we would branch to some a secondary menu where the document type would be specified - in this case patient labels.

Do you have some sort of screenshot or mockup of how you envision it?

This is pretty simplistic, there may some other context situations where there are better designs, but I had hoped to be able to have something like this:

So does clicking Patient Document Labels print a label for patient B Trump?

That is the idea. Most frequently the label production will happen as part of registration. The screen appears at the end of a successful registration and so is the ideal place.

Does that mean it would print a label for only this patient on the entire A4? :slight_smile:

That’s it. As I said we expect to consume about 20 labels per birth and hope that we will get the mothers to return for subsequent births and as it is just a few cents to produce the full page we will keep the spares in the patient records folder.

If you are thinking of a general solution then clearly label size and paper size may differ by implementation as may the need for some bar code.

When you say internal patient id, do you mean patient identifier?

Yes. In our case we are using a 4 part code to quickly identify where the paper patient records can be found. a-bb-cc-dd, where a= file room;bb=file rack;cc=shelf;dd=position.

@mafrica on this server search for any patient and go to their dashboard. Then under “General Actions” click on “Patient Summary” and tell me if the document that downloads is what you are looking for.


Very close.

The specific paper has 5mm margin, top, bottom and side. The label needs to be repeated 5 times across the page and 13 times down. Not sure on your font size but by memory (I will verify) I need 9pt to fit in the label. The Dob and id need to be swapped. Many, many thanks

Can you check again for the repeat pattern? I will later on give you instructions on how to change margins and font size.

Font looks good, but it would be good to know how to adjust. For the record I was wrong on the margin it is in fact 10mm. The repeat counts are fine and printed row layout fine. I need to control the spacing between each column and row. On the example I measure the cols at 28mm wide and the rows 19mm deep, I need to set this to 38mm and 21.2mm

To not be too close to the label edge it would be good if there was one blank line at the top of each label and one blank character on the left.