ID GENERATOR responsibities

what are the main uses of ID Generation and how usefull is it?

You might want to look through this wiki page. Idgen Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki . Usually as you try to place the question try as much as possible to give details of the question, Probably here are somehints. What are you trying to achieve,

Any blocker you have faced probably this is relating to the work you are handling and you need some assistance.sharing any log(errors) that will ease any to reproduce such an issue. otherwise its quite difficult to understand your question when it doesn’t have a a bit of details/attributes i mentioned above.

So according to the question above. what is your primary goal ?

Thanks @sharif for the reply, but I was trying to understand the uses of ID GENERATOR , coz I had no idea about it, if you own a little explanation just guide me for its uses and importance . but i liked your link

@josephkagimu1 The idgen module provides a facility for managing identifier generation and allocation within an OpenMRS implementation / Instance

@tendomart your brief explanation is great