ID Generation module "could not execute query" errors

Hi developers, @dkayiwa @wyclif @michael , Recently I did an upgrade from version 1.9.7 to 1.11.4 and I just installed quite a number of modules including the ID generation 2.7 module This ID generation modules loads and starts very well But when i try accessing it i have this error Please developers have a look at this error message and help with propositions on how to solve


Can you try the latest version of the idgen module?

Yeah @dkayiwa , I installed the recent version and it still behaved the same

Can i see the exact stack for the latest version? Which exact version is it?

@dkayiwa, I did the installation last week and by then the latest version of ID gen was 4 !!!

@dkayiwa, here is the stacktrace with id gen 4.0

Hi @dkayiwa @michael @pascal, I followed the explanations from the ID gen doc as @pascal proposed. Unless I did not understand it well , but from what i understood, to do configurations on Identifiers Sources I need to go to the Manage Patient Identifiers Sources and or the Auto-Generation Options pages. My problem is not about doing the configurations but that I can not even open the Manage Patient Identifiers Sources and the Auto-Generation Option pages because when I click on their links it gives me this error message