ID-129: Let's utilize ldapjs for the server -- and have it fully in JS discussion

I wanted to open a discussion thread on this issue. I think it has huge wins for us. For one, it eliminates a service that we have to run(no more OpenLDAP, we still need ldap-utils though). Our infrastructure is already spread pretty thin, we’d be able to free up some resources currently tied to OpenLDAP.

@dmytro.trifonov, this would not be part of your work. You have enough to do this summer :slight_smile:

Link to the ticket: ID-129

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I made some comments in the ticket regarding reliability & scaling. This could be interesting but I’d like to see some more data on it first. :slight_smile:


Also, to be clear – my main priority is to get 2.1 out the door – no breaking changes will happen in between now and then – if it’s a change that won’t break things – then I am fine making that change – but it will be released as a minor update 2.1.1 or something.

I remember that I looked at ldapjs a few years ago for the same purposes. I decided against moving forward with it because:

  • no known implementation of it acting like a plain old OpenLDAP directory
  • fear that I’d have to re-write a lot of the logic that I take for granted from OpenLDAP (e.g. authentication code)
  • scalability and longevity of the project (back then, there were two main node LDAP libraries, each with a single dev working on them)

That may have all changed now, though, just my two cents :slight_smile:


Yeah – We are currently stuck at node 5 – we can’t move beyond it until SOMEBODY does a PR to fix ldapjs to be node 6 compliant :confused: I tested it – We’re pretty much compatible with node 0.8.x up to (I assume) node 5 (I’ve tested with node 4) – @elliott was ldapjs one of the libraries you looked at…last summer @plypy switched us away from node-LDAP to ldapjs – and it’s been good for the most part but it seems…not maintained…our options are limited :frowning: – which I have this sneaky hunch is leaking – SOMETHING is leaking – dashboard goes down AT LEAST a few times a week – if not more. When I ran 2.1 (latest) – it didn’t have this issue so my only conclusion is that – but all I have is a theory as to what’s causing the leak.