ICPC2 mapping for Diagnosis

Hi @akanter,

As part of our current work, we want to show the list of diagnosis with ICPC2 codes. During our analysis we have found some of the diagnosis are not mapped to ICPC2 code.

So we have attached the list of Diagnosis with expected ICPC2 code. Could you help us mapping them with ICPC2 codes?

ciel-concepts-diagnosis-with-icpc2-code.csv (2.8 KB)

CC: @mksd @jesplana @premnisha

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Absolutely! These will be added for the next release! Thank you for your assistance. Also, I noticed there are diagnoses in the ICPC convenience sets that don’t have them either!


Thanks @akanter.

Also we have found the below 2 diagnoses which are mapped to different ICPC code than the expected ones. Please find them below.

Expected ICPC2 Code Mapped ICPC2 Code Name Concept ID/ CIEL Code Class
D25 D08 Abdominal distension 150915 Finding
R03 R04 Wheezing 122863 Diagnosis

Please share your thoughts on the same.

@mksd @premnisha

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These are fixed. Other additions including adding ICPC2 codes to the diagnoses in the ICPC diagnosis sets. If you want to start at the bottom of the list in 160167. I am starting at the top. You are probably better positioned to check the maps.

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Thanks @akanter. We tried using latest CIEL concepts 2.1 version. But we are unable to find the ICPC2 mapping which we have shared in the first message.

Please let us know if we are checking in the wrong place or the new mapping are yet to be released.


CIEL Concepts checked : https://www.dropbox.com/home/OpenMRS?preview=openmrs_concepts_2.1_20200401.sql.zip

CC: @mksd @sukreet

The date of that release was April 1. We have not released another which would have those changes. Expect that this weekend.

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Thanks for the update @akanter

I have been feverishly working on adding content for MSF but will make a cut tomorrow and post it.

Thanks @akanter