ICD10 codes on Xforn

Hi there,

i am using OpenMRS 1.6, and Xform 2.9.9 version, i am trying to get ICD10 codes on the Xform in a drop down. for which i created a dropdown and from properties set external source as “Concept”, i am getting concept in the dropdown but still unable to get the ICD codes,

meanwhile i also try to deploy “openmrs_concepts_1.6.6_20170409.sql” from dropbox but no luck still. any idea how can i do that,

Did you review the instructions in the dropbox about deploying the CIEL content? There are some updates you have to do to the properties files. The concept dictionary will overwrite any concept data that you have in your OpenMRS implementation and therefore you must start with a clean database or the instance data (patient data) will not match the concepts. It might be easier to download a standalone version including CIEL if you are just testing. I don’t recommend using a dropdown list of ICD codes for clinical use. The CIEL dictionary contains diagnoses MAPPED to ICD-10 which are clinically relevant. You can build a concept set and use concept_map to get the ICD codes or pick one of the existing diagnosis sets (ICPC common diagnosis lists, for example).