ICD-10 Diagnosis


I have an observation question that takes diagnosis as answers, I want to only select form those diagnosis that have ICD10 mappings. How can I achieve that? and am I able to search the dictionary by the ICD-10 codes as well as the concept name/id?

Here is my obs tag:

<obs conceptId=“6042AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” answerClasses=“Diagnosis” style=“autocomplete”/>

@dkayiwa @mogoodrich @ssmusoke

@ningosi I think you may need to create a concept set called ICD10-Diagnoses and add all the possible diagnoses to it then use that as your concept ID

You probably need to add this as a new feature of the obs tag, e.g. a new attribute like answerMustMapTo="ICD-10".

(I think this does make sense as a general feature.)

In general there are different classes of concepts. Some are OK for problems, others for past history and others for encounter diagnoses. Problem lists don’t require ICD-10, but encounter diagnoses do. I would put this as an attribute of a concept, not a specific mapping requirement…

Thank Darius, any examples in code that has implemented that?